las vegas show

can someone at the show please post cantact information on the company that makes the cds for the seminars (was a booth there) do to employee issues I wasnt able to attend

I will find out how to get them for you. Wow what a great show the finals for the pizza games was great tonight as well as all the other things going on

rub it in lol, I AM SICK that I missed it, In this business its the customers compliments and the las vegas shows that make it worth while, I cant believe I plan all year and two weeks out both managers have issues!
and to boot its slow because of spring break!
it would be 150% cheaper on all us owners if you didnt have the show when most of the schools are on spring break and during final 4 week!

here is info on cd’s: $129 or $199 (post conference price) for all sessions (might still get conference price if you use order form). Intelliquest media, 374 E. Bloomingdale Ave., Brandon, FL 33511. 866-651-2586, We just got back from Expo late last night and I have order form I can fax you if you want to give me your fax number. We ordered set there, but didn’t use our form. Hope this info helps!

With Las Vegas being so busy, they may just be astuck with the slot they have…And if their booths are sold out, there may be little reason on their part to change dates…