Las Vegas Tshirt Exchange

Is anyone interested in exchanging T-shirts with me at Pizza Expo in Las Vegas? I think it would be fun to have shirts from other pizza stores. Let me know what size you want. I wear XL.Heather t_shirt.png

I’m IN! I’m an XL as well!

You’re on the list Dale.

large ! John Morrison Mofo’s Pizza and Pasta,

John is on my list.

What a great idea!

Are you in Missy?

would love too, but not enough time to print them off sorry

So far it looks like only 3 of us are in on the T-Shirt exchange. Any other takers?

I had to check to see if I had any XL’s. I’m about out of my current shirt, looking forward to making up some new ones (note to self: Order a LOT more mediums next time). Anyway, I do have an XL… so I’m in. I’ll take an XL.

Last call for the T-Shirt exchange I will be packing them for the trip at noon on Sunday.

Here is what I am bringing so far:
John - L
Chris - XL[/INDENT]

Any one else want to trade ?

Last minute cancellation, not attending Expo at all :mad: