Ok, so I know alot of you guys and gals out there do lasagna. I have never done it in the restaurant. I have my sauces developed. Going to put together to sell starting today. What I dont know is do u use cooked noodles, raw?? What are the steps? How many noodle/sauce layers do u have?
Thanx muchly! I really appreciate any help with this.

I use a frozen pasta sheet. I can thaw or start frozen. Many will tell you to get a fresh pasta sheet if at all possible, and I( agree if it is affordable and practical. No options here in south Coweta County GA :frowning:

I use 4 pasta sheets and three layers of filling. It is not a heaping lasagna; it fills a 1/4 size 2" deep (I think) pan. Mine is somewhat dense, and creamy when done. I use

1.25 lb ricotta (1 whole egg usually)
.5 cup parmesan
1lb + 1 cup mozerella
(plus 1 lb mix of cooked beef/sausage for meat lasagna)
sauces and such

I get 9 servings out of this pan. Food cost last fall (I haven’t done it in new location yet) for meat lasagna plus salad and bread is [size=5]ONLY 17.5%[/size]. That’s with a pre-made, frozen lasagna sheet. Sure, my costs have gone up, but with a small selling price increase, I am certain I can keep it no higher than 20%. It delivers well, holds well, and REHEATS WELL. I make a couple pans up at a time, under cook slightly and freeze portions. I keep a few thawed all the time (weekends a few extra), and microwave to reheat for something like 7 minutes . . . add sauce, and it is delightfully like fresh out of the oven. Even frozen, I can reheat in the microwave for a couple minutes more. Get to know your microwave if you use it. Know how to use settings other than 100% power, and you will score.

I used to do only cheese lasagna and sell with red sauce or meat sauce. that went over very well, but customers kept asking for a meat lasagna. So, I gave it to them, and it took off.

I can send you my excel sheet recipe if you’d like to see what you think of it.

I’d love to see your sheet, thanx so much!

Raw noodles, cook for just a few minutes. Layer the heck out of it.

there is no need to boil/cook the noodles…use a good/heavy pan…spray w/pan release, sauce on the bottom, raw noodle/meat/cheese/sauce etc…cover w/silicone paper & foil…bake in your MM 360 or oven of choice 4 50-60 minutes…cool, cut/portion/wrap…

4 service, you can micro for a minute or so…place some sauce in the bottom of a pan, place the lasagne & a little more sauce/cheese & finish in the oven…

no 4 short version…I’ve used those small 5x7 aluminum pans used in Chinese operations…sauce bottom, add some cooked/micro penne, ricotta/parm & defrosted meatballs/more sauce & mozz…run thru the conveyor…call it “Almost Lasagne”…

Must admit I cheat big time.

I buy it in already done from a catering company for $4.95 for a 500gm serve in a take away foil container. Sell for $10 and do about 20 per week.

Absolutely fantastic meaty product - made with becemale (spelling ?) sauce.

We freeze like Nick and keep about 6 out in the coolroom at a time. When order placed we put in microwave for 1.5 minutes to take the chill of and slightly warm, then top with two slices of fresh tomato and cheese. Put through the conveyor. As good as any restaurant food I’ve ever tasted. Cost of goods is high but next to no labour or packaging costs but quick and easy for us, but $5 profit for minimal handling is fine by me.


I do the same ting. My cost is about $1.80 per serving, sell for $5.99. Just open, top with spoon of sauce and 1 ounce cheese, run through conveyor. Top notch and my customers love it. I do cook my own spaghetti though. Cost is about .60 cents for 8 oz serving sell for $4.99, $5.99 w/meatballs. Everything I cook goes through conveyor.