Last Minute Advice

My “Customer Appreciation Daysâ€

i would try and upsell, but if they are a regular ordering their usual order, i would say by all means, deliver it…after all it is customer appreciation days.

I would say we are having a carry out special on the exact order you are placing you can save xxx if you come pick it up.

Whenever we run specials like this we make them carry out only that way our drivers aren’t tied up on delivering 5.oo pizzas.

Good luck and be prepared…Whatever you are guessing your volume will be double it and be on the safe side.

We did 5.oo carryout and sold 180 - 200 pizzas in a matter of hours. It was so much easier the second time cuz we were more than ready to go.

Let us know how it turns out.

i agree with kris on this %100

I dont see a problem “tying up drivers” delivering $5 pizzas - in fact, I see it as a benefit to your drivers - because they will more than likely be getting bigger tips because of the lower order price. If you deliver this, you will also be appreciating your drivers in this way…

The drivers will very possibly be grateful to you as money not spent on pizza will possiblt go into the tip amount. That is a pretty sweet upside to delivering lean margin pizzas.

The first identifiable problem I would have in my shop would be paying the driver a delivery premium to drop an order I am already making nearly no money on. Taking $1.50 out of each delivery of a $5 pizza is damned hard to break even on. The other identifiable problem is the lag times created by still more deliveries that are now under $10 . . . ostensibly part of the value of minimums is controlling the number of cash loss drives per shift and manage delivery times better.

These are just two POTENTIAL issues. If you are already on top of these and have staffing/scheduling of deliveries taken care of, then game on. I suspect that the timing snags will gain momentum through the week as people re-order and more people hear about the cheap pies - delivered.


What should I do about specialty pizzas? Should they be reg. menu price or givent the same discount amount off? Say I am taking off $3.00 a 1- Topping should I take off $3.00 off a specialty?

LOL… heather hit the nail on the head. Please make sure you’re prepped. Plan on sales double or triple that of a normal day. The excess sales will be from your $5 pizzas so you’ll need to prep accordingly:

Normal Day…$1,000

$2000 / $5 per pie = 400 pizzas or 50 trays (if you’re 8 patties per tray)


P.S. Hold on to your a$$ so it’ll be easier to kiss it goodbye 'cause you’re gonna get rocked.

Well, I’m assuming there is a delivery charge being charged here - so there wouldn’t be delivery compensation being taken from the $5.

Crusher - do you have a deliver charge?

No I don’t charge for delivery. I pay drivers min. wage + $.50 per delivery.


Well, that changes my answer above. If you don’t charge for delivery, I would have made it a pickup only special.

Hate to burst your bubble, but just because someone is getting 5.00 pizzas delivered doesn’t mean they will tip more. I have been party to the whole 5$ pizza thing and have taken deliveries with 6 five dollar pizzas, on which these people got well over half off of each pie and they tip one or two dollars. I have even been stiffed by people ordering these damn five dollar pizzas. I would still honor the five dollar price but tell delivery customers there is a minimum and sell them another pizza or something. I worked for Pizza Hut as a manager and dreaded the five dollar deal each time it came around, I lost so much money and even though we were selling a lot of pies, my gross sales suffered. I think the big 3 have just ruined the whole pizza market with their cheap pizzas. Now the public expects everyone to sell pizzas for five dollars.

Well, 6 five dollar pizzas cost $30, and no - I wouldn’t think that would mean a better tip with that total ticket cost - no matter how great of a deal it is.

What I was talking about was the person whose total ticket came to $5 plus a delivery charge - they would more likely tip better.

In my area what I’m saying is true - we ran a simlar special (even cheaper) for a neighborhood a couple of weeks ago - and my drivers were getting tipped 50%-100% because of the low overall cost of the order (including delivery).

But all of this is moot anyway unless you are charging a delivery fee. I wouldn’t deliver this type of special for free - no way.

$5.00 pizza almost everyone will order more then one pizza… dominos already programmed that in consumer’s heads just like they did with 30 minutes or its free… danm them :twisted: :twisted: