Late Night order issue

SO last night around 10.30pm we get a call from someone in one of our hotels that we deliver too, they placed an order an it came out to 23.38 … and when we get there they say We only have 16bux… some drunk couple…

I was so pissed i could cut their heads off… but really they agreed to the price we told them on the phone

it was very late so i just said F it collect the 16 bux for the pizza

what would you guys have done? same? different?

arggh where is this going, i think some of our regulars will start doing this because of the economy…

No way I give them the pizza. Time of day makes no difference. I would walk back out to the front desk and give it to the night crew for free.

Yes i wont do that again but it was XL Deluxe and the Night girl there did not want that pizza even for free… They usually like us sending them like a Meidum Pep or cheese …

The other thing I do with orphaned orders it take them to the firehall. But to give a drunk in the hotel the deal they are trying for NO WAY!

I would take the $16 & forget about it. How often does this happen? Let me ask you this, would anyone have given the front desk $16 CASH? Well if you gave them that pizza you would have.

not too often… but i am just thinking where is this going… i am pretty sure down the road customers that order from us will start this as well

Or, you could look at it as an advertising expense.

Yeah, I guess. But couldn’t you just make them a fresh one, exactly the way they like it for maybe $3??

I think not taking the money (I would be pissed too, believe me) means your just trying to make a point with a couple of drunks, maybe tourists, in a hotel. I try not to make those points, they don’t add up. Now if telling them to p-ss off by refusing the $16 and giving it away makes you feel better, cools you off–then fine, I can dig that.

i was so pissed you guys have no idea… but 30min later i cooled off… better selling it at 16 bux rahter then throwing it away…

i would have taken 2 slices out and ate them myself
you get what you pay for

How about taking two slices out and eating them and then taking the $16?

Were they fun drunks? LOL.

it was 1 guy and 2 old ladies…

Were they fun drunks

it was 1 guy and 2 old ladies

Yup they were fun drunks!!! :oops:

hey paul

planning any trips to jax?? … if so call and stop by or something

leaving g-ville at 5am to drop my Smart at Jax Wraps at 7AM I’ll try to stop by when I pick it up friday.

1/2 a loaf is better then none!