Lawsuit Filed By Former Pizza Hut Delivery Drivers

Think anything will come from this?

Normally, I would say no. But nothing, especially from NY or California, surprises me anymore.


City of Oakland made it a law that “all” service charges must be paid only to the employee. They also require you pay 9 days sick leave and 12.25 min wage. Pizzas are running a good $25 to $30 each there

A delivery charge is not a service charge. If it was, the entire income of UPS/Fedex would have to be paid to their drivers!

If this becomes the case in my area I will be eliminating all service fees/delivery fees no need to pay extra payroll taxes for more income my employees for whatever reason according to the government are entitled to make

I agree with you. But all Domino’s in Oakland have removed the delivery charge. I read the law and it does specify " restaurant service fees"

I am curious if a fuel surcharge would be considered a service charge.

Now the important question, do they still pay mileage in some form ? or do the drivers only get the hourly ?

My drivers tips were the same with and without a delivery fee. I have always hated them in general, especially if you are primarily a delivery company. I would drop em in a heartbeat if that is what comes of it.

I think that a “restaurant service charge” is a gratuity such as is put on a larger group. Delivery is another thing altogether. Are they going to say that Sears has to give the delivery charge for a washing machine delivered to your home to the truck driver?