Lawyers are nicer than sharks

Pentagon shamefully backed away from the very reasonable condemnation of the US law firms representing Guantanamo detainees. American lawyers undo the injustices inflicted by the American soldiers who fight and die in Afghanistan. Only a handful out of the thousands of detainees was rendered from Afghanistan to Guantanamo; they are not a random crowd. Many of them are not guilty beyond the basic affiliation with Taliban, but guilt of others could not be proven. What evidence of terrorist activity, acceptable in the court of law, could be found in Afghanistan? In the absence of documents or wiretaps, evidence is reduced to testimonies of dubious witnesses.

The image of selfless American attorneys - people of great moral integrity - engaged in pro bono defense of Afghan peasants is hilarious. In the pro bono affair, leftist lawyers sabotage the American war effort, and other attorneys shamelessly use it for self-promotion.