Lazy customers question

I bought a pizza shop a few months ago, and it has a lot of customers that haven’t ordered in 1+ years, so i wanted to call them and let them know personally that I am the new owner, and i want to offer them something to get them to start ordering again. There will probably be some that had REALLY bad experiences in the past, so my question is, what would you offer the people that haven’t ordered in a year or more?

A no-strings-attached free pizza. If you can, hand it to them or deliver it yourself to thank them and make a personal connection.

Great idea IMHO

Brad is right on. I have a relatively new shop also although it was a NEW build out versus buying an existing one. we use this method to get people to come in and try us out and it is one the best and in the long run, cheapest way to acquire new customers.

Since you are dealing with previous baggage, I would do a lot of listening (maybe they did not feel their pizza had enough sauce or something really easy to fix - or maybe they just want to know you are listening and making effort to get it right) and when offering the pizza do so in the spirit of an audition…“We have made a lot of changes and improvements that I think you will like and I would love the opportunity to compete for your business”. I prefer this framing of the discussion to an apology…“Sorry you had a bad experience, we would like to make it up to you…” The first continues to distinguish you from previous owner/management, etc. the latter associates you with previous owner/management.

Yup. Right on. As Brad pointed out in his post, making the personal connection is just as important.

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