lazy/lost customer postcards designs

There was a thread a while back that listed a web site that had predesigned postcards for lazy/lost customers. Anyone remember the site. I did a search and got 1,700 pages of results. I tried to go through some but I got crossed-eyed…any help???

We use impact usa. Nice stuff and fair pricing

thats the one…thanks!!!

Is there a website for Impact USA?

Perhaps here?

I’ve purchased from impact before. I bought some lazy customer postcards online and for one reason or another my order got screwed up. As soon as they realized the problem they called me and offered me 500 of any other kind of postcard that I wanted for free. I went ahead and picked the new movers postcard.

Although the service was very good and the CSR I talked to was knowledgeable and friendly, I found the creative print to be somewhat obscure and child like. I think I’m looking for a more ‘serious’ type of postcard. A bunch of poorly drawn aliens surrounding a moving truck is not what I’d like to have on the front of a postcard welcoming potential new customers to my area. Same thing with the skywriting plane spelling “we miss you”.

I did like them enough to try them again. I just might try the custom postcards this time.