Learning to turn dough into a skin

Since I am new to the business and will be opening in about 6 weeks, can anyone point me to a resource to learn how to hand toss a dough ball into a skin? I can make a passable skin but I usually take a long time and I am not confident in my methods. Any advice greatly appreciated!

Check out the world pizza champions web page.

And then practice, practice, practice, practice and then practice some more and soon you’ll be hand tossing your dough like an old pro.
It just takes…you guessed it…practice. Heck…with time I was even able to get reasonably proficiant at it!
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

For practicing, you can use Throw Dough. Throw Dough is an imitation dough skin made of plastic. You can buy then at http://www.throwdough.com

Then practice some more…


p.s. – try useing a towel for a while. 1/4 turn per slap. Stretch the dough with the palm of your hand and your forearm.

Is a subscription to the world pizza champions “how to” videos a good idea for someone like me?

Thanks, russ, for the towel idea, a lot less mess for the early stages!