Lease negotiation update - Potential counter offer inside.

Here is my counter off so far. What else should I include or is this good enough when added to the vanilla shell offer below:

  1. Move handicap parking 3 stall North away from front of space
  2. No drop ceiling installed, leave open and painted black abouve the 12 foot mark
  3. Install light drops per restaurant layout instead of standard 2x4 recessed lighting
  4. Rent abatement until we receive our certificate of occupancy
  5. $22sqft for Tenant Improvements
  6. Tankless water heater installed per restaurant layout
  7. One parking stall in front with signage stating 15 minute parking for take out only
  8. 5 year lease with 5 3-year lease extension options
  9. Authorization for installation of remote compressor on roof for walk-in cooler

The following was the vanilla shell offer they gave me:

  1. Minimum 5 years lease
  2. Base rent increases shall be 3% annually
  3. All interior walls to code taped paint ready
  4. Ceilings - suspended 2x4ft acoustical tile ceiling per local code at 10-12 feet with r-30 insulation
  5. Flooring - broom clean concrete slab
  6. One ADA public restroon
  7. Lighting - standard 2x4ft recessed light fixtures per energy code
  8. Electrical - One three phase 200 amp panel
  9. Heating and Air Conditioning for tenant use, distributed and diffused
  10. Drawings: Landlord shall supply tenant’s architect with as-built drawings of the lease premises.

Re: Lease negotiation update - Potential counter offer insid

Exclusive on pizza. It seems obvious that a landlord will not pit his tenants against each other, but I have seen it happen.

Hard wired smoke detector, if you have a dining room.

If they say no to the abatement untill certificate of occupancy, counter with paying CAM while you build.

Did they already pour the slab? Nice to get your plumbing in first, otherwise your cutting concrete.

Re: Lease negotiation update - Potential counter offer insid

No slab yet, not even breaking ground either. This should start shortly. I was thinking the same thing if I can get all the ducks in a row. Not having to cut the concrete would save some $$ as well as not having to messing up a nice slab.

Another counter would be 90 day abatement after they give me the keys for buildout. I hope 90 days is enough.

Good idea on exclusive and smoke detectors.

Re: Lease negotiation update - Potential counter offer insid

I don’t see a second bathroom in there.