Leasing - Selling - What Other Options

I own a brand new complete pizza shop, including building, that has never been opened. I built most of the shop myself. I had a person approach me about renting it the other day. Kind of sounds like a idea at this point. Place has been sitting for a bit waiting for the economy to get better before opening. I need advice on how do I find out what my place worth? Do I call a realtor? I also need advise on what would be better, leasing, selling with myself financing, or what other options do I have? All of your help would be greatly appreciated.

You don’t have a business to sell but rather a piece of real estate. I would imagine a commercial realtor would be a good source to find the real estate’s worth. The fact that you built it out really just means you have narrowed your market if you expect to get anything in return for your efforts.

There are a number of reasons to sell, lease or finance. What’s best depends on “your” goals and situation . . .

Your best option, at this time, may be to Lease based on the information you have provided.