legislation to register bicycles

Really? I dont think I need to even say any more. These schlubs need to find something better to do with our tax $

I was looking at moving to a town that did that, I had the same reaction. But take Missoula montana, or fort collins in CO, small town where people ride 5000 dollar bikes. One time fee to register make model serial number of 10 bucks. if your bike that costs more than a car gets nabbed, then the cops will be on the lookout, again in smaller towns. Seems like a fair deal…

I had that growing up near Chicago. We actually had to attend bike training class in like 4th or 5th grade. It was set up as a little town with roads and traffic control items…taught you how to ride without getting run over. It included free registration for your bike and then reinforced the requirement to keep all your bikes registered as you got older. I lived in a town where I knew people that got tickets for not doing this and also for things like running stop signs or failer to signal your turns on your bike. They took it very seriously! :shock: