? Lehman

I saw your post from last week for a dough recipe.
Here is a procedure that I’ve succesfully used, and it provides a great flavored crust too.
Flour 100%
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 2%
Oil or Shortening 3%
Yeast (Instant Dry Yeast) 0.5%
Water: 55% (65F/18.3C)

Is that based on 50lbs of Flour?
If yes are you only putting in 3% or 24oz of Vegetable Oil and
14 oz of sugar?
Am I figuring correctly? If yes it seems low for a batch. Is there a point when adding too much of a certain ingredient has a diminishing effect on the dough?

Thanks for your input

To calculate the ingredient weights using your handy calculator, enter the flour weight, then press “X” then enter the percent of the ingredient that you want the weight for and press"%" and read the weight in the display window. Example: 50 X 1.75 press the “%” key and read 0.875 pounds in the window (0.875 X 16 = 14-ounces. Another one: 50 X 3 press the “%” key and read 1.5-pounds in the display window (1.5 X 16 = 24-ounces) repeat for each ingredient. You can plug in any flour weight and your dough formula will always remain in balance when using this method.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor