Lehmann - Any word on your dough video part two?

I really got a lot out of your dough video part one, and I am wondering when part two is coming down the line?

Yep, I saw it for the first time yesterday afternoon. It’s ready to go right now.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Here is the link…It should be the first video at the top of the page

wont play

Did you hit the “Play” arrow in the viewing screen are for that video? I just went there and played it. Anyone else having problems?

It was a little tempermental on my computer, but if I scrolled 1 or 2 clicks on my mouse wheel, the video appeared. The video covers from mixed dough in the mixing bowl to balled and in retarder.

I also had trouble getting it to play. I eventually right clicked on it and zoomed it to full screen and it played just fine then. Something about it being embedded in the webpage that my browser didn’t like.

Thanks so much for the video. It was excellent.

These videos really should be put up on youtube or another flash video website. Windows Media is an archaic technology at this point, especially with this many videos on one page.

Thank you so very much! I am going to go watch it right now, I know it will be fantastic!