?_Lehmann: Calzones

Mr. Lehman,
I don’t know if you read my post about the 700 calzones I have to make, here is the link ;http://www.pmq.com/tt/viewtopic.php?t=1511. I don’t have a freezer and want to start making the calzones ahead of time, how would they hold up in a walkin cooler after the are baked. I need all of them done by Saturday at 4pm. I plan on baking them and cooling them before wrapping them in plastic. They have been sold to people for a fundraiser and will come with reheating instructions. They told me I can freeze them, but I can’t find the space. Any advice on how the dough will hold up after baked in a cooler would be helpful, Thanks

I guess it depends on your dough, but I think they should be fine for a few days.

The calzones should be fine in the cooler for three days or so, but how are they going to be marketed/distributed? Frozen would be by far the best way, as well as the safest. Do you have any public frozen storage facility near to you? Or how about renting a large chest freezer? You could bake the calzones, cool them at room temperature, then transfer them to your cooler for several hours or overnight, then put them into a freezer for the last couple of days.
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