?_Lehmann: crust sticking

Our restaurant is having serious problems with skins sticking to the screens after they are done cooking. What can we do about this?

The only reason your dough would be sticking to the screens I can think of are your employees washing or getting the screens wet? Even if the appear dry to the touch the dough will stick really bad to them. If they have to wash a screen make sure they run it through the oven to dry it before using it. I guess it is safe to say they are not pressing the dough out on the screens are they?

The main reasons for dough to stick to screens are 1) Use of silver, unseasoned screens. 2) You are washing your screens and not reoiling them when you begin reusing them. 3) Your dough is either very soft or you are allowing the dough to remain on the screen for an excessive period of time (like when pre forming dough skins in preparation for busy periods and letting the dough remain on the screen(s). What happens here is that the dough flows through the screen openings and as the dough bakes, it expands on the bottom side of the screen, effectively locking the crust to the screen.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor