?_Lehmann: dough mixer

Currently we use a 60 quart Hobart Mixer to prepare out pizza dough. As we are a full service restaurant we make other items in our Hobart, dressings, fillings etc. I was wondering if I could use a 40 quart belt drive mixer to mix the pizza dough as that is the only item we need that powerful of a motor for. Our recipe yields about 50 lbs. per batch but I can cut that in half if I need to. The cost of the 60 quart is getting to be to much and I would like to save some money

thank you for your help


I’m in the market for a 60qt Hobart. If youre going to be selling yours drop me a line. Thanks.

Brand will be important here. Univex doesn’t have a strong name in pizza dough mixers. However, as I understand it, even Hobart has gone to a belt system. “Belt drive” is a term I don’t truly understand as it seems to me that if there’s a belt anywhere, it’s “belt drive”, but the mfgs disagree with me. I know Globe has a belt from the motor to the planetary system, and I’ve been told that Hobart does too. The severe amount of torque that these motors put out makes me think they could throw a belt at any moment. However, most of the cam shafts in our cars are run by belt, so it’s certainly possible to make a strong belt.

The Doyon mixer i am using has a double belt system so if one goes there is a backup.