?_Lehmann:earthstone brick ovens

Hello Tom,
I am looking to buy a brick oven and have been looking at the Earthstone Oven. My restaurant is in the US Virgin Islands, Caribbean Saloon, so a good oven with low maintanance is a neccesity here. I would be the first restaurant in the caribbean to offer wood fired brick oven pizza so I whant to be sure I am buying the best. I am not looking to save money, I just whant to buy the best oven possible.

Thak You, Frank Pantusco

That oven should serve you well. Just make sure to buy one that is sufficiently large enough to meet all of your production needs. You will most likely be baking at 550 to 600F with a typical baking time of about 5 to 6 minutes. Also, be sure to allow atleast 8 feet in fromt of the oven for the oven man to swing his peels around without fear of bumping into someone.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor