?_Lehmann: inconsistent dough


My dough after being slapped a variety of ways always comes out uneven. More times than not it ends up being very thin n the middle and heavy on the outside. Could this be a problem with our slapping procedure, or the way we actually prepare our dough from the beginning to the slap table?

It is in the “technique” used to slap out the dough. This is a very common problem with novice or short time “dough slappers”. One of the things that I personally do is to grasp the dough skin by the edge and stretch it slightly as I move my hands around the circumference of the dough skin. This stretches the edges in addition to the center portion of the dough piece, it also helps to open the dough faster as the unstretched, thicker edge impairs the ability of the dough to open up. You can see this a lot of the time by a dough skin that has the correct diameter, but the center section is wrinkled, as it appears to be too big for the diameter. You just need to go back and work some more on your technique.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor