?_Lehmann: instant yeast ????


i have always used ADY but my supplier ran out and he sent instant yeast what is the difference and how do i incorporate into my recipe


until Tom comes on,

use one half the amount of IDY…I think Correll may have the exact figures on his site
http://www.correllconcepts.com/Encyclop … opizza.htm

…I use .45% IDY, Baker’s %
range is from .1 to .6% for most pizza formulas

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Fat Boy,

Take the amount of ADY you are now using, by weight, reduce that by 25%, and that is the amount of IDY to use. So, for each ounce of ADY you are now using, you would use 0.75 ounces of IDY. The IDY can be added to the flour. Unlike ADY, it doesn’t have to be rehydrated.