?_Lehmann: measurements

Tom, I already pm you on this topic but fopund this are and decided to post again so you may see this twice. On your recipes for dough everything is in 5. % of this , % of that. How do I figure out what amounts you are talking about?
Pounds of flour, ounces of oil, ounces of salt or sugar…?


Baking percentages are based off the amount of flour you plan to use, I’m assuming 50lbs. So your dough will always be 100%. Take water for instance, if the recipe calls for 52% water, all you do is simply take 52% of 50lbs, which equals 26lbs of water. It’s kind of a pain in the a$$ but it makes it easier to increase or decrease your recipes based on the amount of flour used. Hope that helped.

Your FLOUR is 100%, and everything is based off that weight. Everything is weighed on a scale, and not volume measured.