?_Lehmann: opening a new business

Hi tom,I hope you can help.I finally got my ducks in row & were getting ready come oct. to open our new delivery-carryout pizza place.I have 240 sq. feet of working space 8’by 30’.I need to know what type & model ovens,prep table ,reach-in refridge,etc…would suitable for the layout i’m working with?I aslo have 200 sq. feet of storage if needed.I hope you can help.Sincerly,Mike Giordano

Is that a shop or a trailer? My good friend Otis has a trailer of just about that exact size (maybe 2-feet shorter). I wish I could help you with your lay-out and equipment selection but that’s an area that I don’t venture into very often. Maybe Evelyn Slomon will be able to provide you with some direction.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor


I am doing a similar size mobile pizzeria.

Click on my site below for some details.
You are welcome to contact me for more details.



Tom I’m in a shop not a trailer.Otis it is me mike giordano,I’m going to e-mail you.Thank you for your help.