?_Lehmann: pizza dough

i need a 30qt recipe for pizza dough.

formulas are available at PMQ’s recipe bank, any size you want

Just go to the RECIPE BANK and pick out a dough formula that you want to work with. There are 30 quart mixers, and there are 30 quart mixers, so the best advice I can give you as to dough size is to start with 8-pounds of flour weight and go up from there. If the mixer stalls, or seems to be working unusually hard, you would be well advised to come back down by atleast 2 pounds on the flour weight. If the formula is given in percent (%) use your calculator to figure the ingredient weights. Here’s how you do it: It will be easier with a small dough size if you enter your flour weight as ounces rather than pounds, so 8-pounds is equal to 8 X 16 = 128-ounces.
Enter 128 in the calculator, now press “X” and enter the percent of te ingredient that you want the weight for and then press the “%” key. Read the ingredient weight in ounces in the display window. For example, lets say the dough formula calls for 3% oil. 128 X 3 press the “%” key and read 3.84 (ounces) in the display window. Since we are not making nitroglycerine we are safe to round that off to 3.75 ounces.
Repeat the procedure as needed using increasing flour weight until you find the best dough size for your specific mixer.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor