?_Lehmann: Pizza to thick

I have a pizza shop and wondering why my pizza comes out thicker sometimes and sometimes thinner. I the yeast and rise time has something to do with it but I cant figure out which I need to cut back to get my pies back to the right thickness.

Thank you

The problem you describe could be caused by too much yeast which caused the dough to rise too fast or inconsistently resulting in inconsistent thickness of the finished crust. The same thing will happen if the dough temperature is too hot, above 85F. Or, if you are allowing the dough to rise, as for a thick crust, variation in dough temperature and or in rising time will result in variations in finished crust thickness. Also, setting deep dish pans with dough on top of an oven or other warm appliance, can result in only those pans directly in contact with the warm surface getting warmed, this allows the dough in those pans to rise faster than the others resulting in inconsistencies in finished crust thickness. In this case a proofing cabinet with temperature and humidity controls should solve the problem and give you a much more consistent product. In some cases where the dough is being pre-formed ahead of time, in preparation for slam periods, the preformed dough skins will proof to some extent resulting in a thicked finished crust. If this is the case, try opening the dough skin up to something a little less than full diameter, then finish opening up to full size on the order. This should help.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor