?_Lehmann: Reducing Snap-back in Take-and-Bake Dough

Hi, Tom,

Happy New Year!

We’ve currently got a beautiful take-and-bake dough in all ways but one … it’s slightly difficult to shape because of snap-back the high protein flour (just over 13%)

I’m trying to figure out natural ways to solve this that not only make the dough easier to shape but conceivably give it a better bite.

More olive oil, more water? We’re currently at 3.4% and 57.4% respectively. I understand Domino’s recently wildly increased their veg oil content in their crust to simplify hand shaping. You appear to condone up to 63% water in take-and-bake dough from one of your recipies, which is why I ask

How do I know when I’ve used too much of one of these ingredients? Is it just the obvious answer that the dough is just sticky and wet? Will there only be positive effects until the dough is sticky and wet or are there other things to be aware of?

How will increasing these ingredients affect the final crust texture?

We’re also at 0.5% slow-acting dried yeast and 1% coated leavening agent. Are we ok here?

Thanks a lot, I look forward to your reply.

All the best,