?_Lehmann: Relaxing Dougfh


We currently make our dough for the next dfay by rolling up balls

was wondering what the ingredient is to add so the dough relaxs easier

thanks dennis

What you are looking for is PZ-44. You simply add this material to the dough along with the other dry ingredients at 1 to 2% of the flour weight.
You can get it from most suppliers, or contact Foremost Farms USA (Jenny Reuter jenny.reuter@foremostfarms.com or call them at 800-890-5961.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

it will also hasten fermentation

Good observation, but it isn’t an increase in fermentation rate that you are seeing. The dough actually does move (rise) faster withthe use of PZ-44, but the reason for this is due to the softer dough condition offering less resistance to the pressure of the carbon dioxide generated by the yeast, hence the dough rises faster, but the amount of gas generated by the yeast is stilo the same.
I would also add that you can also use “dead yeast” to accomplish the same thing as PZ-44. The advantage here is that you get a more “natural” sounding additive. The active ingredient in PZ-44 is L-cysteine (an amino acid/protein building block). There are no problems in using it, and it is perfectly safe, but it just has a “chemical” sounding name. Dead yeast on the other hand is correctly labeled (important if you must label your pizzas) as “yeast” since all yeast added to the dough ends up dead anyways. The active material in dead yeast is glutathione (you guessed it, another amino acid) and not very friendly sounding either, but the law says if we need to identify it on out label, we can simply call it exactly what it is, yeast. You can get this from many ingredient suppliers, or contact your local yeast representative as all yeast manufacturers have this product available, or give Sandi Cazalet a call at Lesaffre Yeast Corporation (the friendly folks who bring us SAF Yeast) you can reach her at 413-562-4935 or sandi.cazalet@lsaf.com.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor