?_Lehmann: restaurant costing

In class I have to make a spreadsheet for a mock pizzeria that would be full service and seat approx 120 plus customers. What is the average or standard payroll percentage you would need to maintain? What cost of goods percentage is standard? How do you figure quantities to start up items like silverware,plates etc? Your help would be greatly appreciated. I am required to show an actual report giving all specifics from finding a location to equipment to the day to day operation and expenses for a make believe restaurant that on paper I start and operate for 6 months.
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Sorry, you’re not going to get off that easy. If you’re doing a project in school you might as well learn about it instead of just showing work based on other people’s ideas.

Why don’t you do this: investigate. It’s not tough. You want to create a spreadsheet. That’s awesome because that’s exactly what you’d need to start.

I’ll give you a good place to start and I’ll help you through this and that’s a promise:

Think of a restaurant as your house. What kind of bills do you have? Restaurants have the exact same bills… just a little more per month.

So, get that info together, register on this site, and make a post with all your bills. What we’ll do is figure out what your labor and food costs should be in order to make a profit and how to design your place to maximize these profits based on operational efficiency.

After doing this project Profit & Loss worksheet we can figure out start up costs and go from there. Roger, this is not something to be taken lightly and this truly requires a lot of effort on your part. Putting together a pizza place isn’t exactly as easy as you might think it is. It requires huge amounts of dedication and persistence. A great many people have decided they wanted to open a pizza place with little or no planning and found themselves losing their houses, losing all their money, etc. It’s not a game. If you lose, you lose almost everything. So, if you’re persistent and actually want to learn how to put it together, we’ll help. Just make that choice. -J_r0kk