?_Lehmann: Sourdough

Since our pizza business relocated, we’ve had to start adding yeast to our sourdough. We don’t know if the sourdough start was damaged in the move or if the recently flouridated water has anything to with it.
I’ve purchased some new sourdough start (dry) but am hesitant to activate it if indeed flouridated water is the culprit.
Your advice is greatly apprecitated


The bacteria in your sour will adapt to the water conditions (within reason).
Chlirination would be the biggest issue. If you had chlorinated water before the move and still have chlorinated water, you probably got the sour contaminated or temperature abused during the move, and that would be the reason for the loss. You should be able to activate your new sour and be back in business in a few days. Next time be sure to save your sour in several different locations just like you back up your computer files. Sours are just to easy to lose.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor