We have been struggling for months to achieve the correct cooking of our pizza… We have Middleby Marshall ovens…which when set at 490…our pizza starts to overcook on the top & bottom after 6 minutes, yet the centre of the dough is bordering on raw. The finished core temperature is between 72 & 80 degrees.

Is there anyone within your group that could assist us in rectifying our problem as we have several other sites ready to open but continue to procrastinate due to the product not being as good as it should.

Don’t misunderstand, we have a very busy outlet & none of our clients ever complain it is within our own group that we are unhappy; we know our product can be better. Our web site is www.slicepizza.com.au

Any assistance or advice would be appreciated.

Kind regards

Peter Grant


0438 157 088

When dealing with baking problems in air impingement ovens it is crucial to know what finger profile the oven(s) are equipped with. To determine the finger profile you must remove the outer finger sleeve and look inside to determine which inner panel (finger) is being used. You will need to do this with each sleeve top and bottom. It is also important to know what the model number of the oven is as profiles tend to be model specific.
You mention core temperature. If that the core temperature of the mixed dough or the baked dough? The numbers are about right for the mixed dough. If that is the core temperature of the pizzas coming out of the oven, that is raw dough.
Also, what are you baking your pizzas on? Screen or baking disk? What color are they?
If you need help with the finger profile of your ovens, give my friend Paul Prassa (Middleby Marshall Corp.) a call at 847-429-7777 or e-mail him at pprassa@middleby.com. He should be able to tell you what is recommended for your specific model ovens.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor