We are currently using a 25# bag of New York Style Dough mix that we will no longer be able to get. We would like to make our own and have a few questions.
To make our dough we add cold water from the faucet and mix 2 bags in a 80 quart Hobart mixer for 10 minutes. After making balls we put it in cross stacked dough trays in the walk in for half an hour then stack and let sit for 5 days before using.
The ingredients on the bag are as follows; Bleached Wheat Flour,Whole Wheat Flour,Salt,Olive Oil,Yeast,Spices.
We hand toss our dough and cook in Bari brick deck ovens at 600 degrees. We also use this same dough for a Sicilian pan pizza that we put in the pan and let proof overnite out of the walkin and then refridgerate until we are ready to use

In order to achieve these same results do you have any suggestions on the quantities of the salt,olive oil,and yeast.
And mixing instructions.

  1. What kind of yeast?
  2. In most of your articles you talk about dough temp. of 80-85 and then using the dough within 72 hours. Why is it ours is not ready for 5 days. Is it the colder water temp? Does the flavor of the spices tend to enrich the taste with the longer wait time?

Thank you for your help,