I have a non bread dough thin cracker crust pizza that traditionally cooks 550 degrees 11 minutes in deck oven and then out of oiled pan on deck floor a couple more minutes. I have cooked this sa,e pizza for 5 minutes in convection oven and then out of pan to deck oven(550 degrees) for three more minutes but top of pizza drys and burns from accelerated cooking in convection oven. What conveyor oven would suit this product best? Thanks Pvacanti@cox.net :?: :?: :?:

Actually, any of the air impingement ovens should work quite well for you…but, the oven must first be correctly profiled for what you are wanting to do. It sounds like you have too much top heat which is easily corrected by changing the top finger profile. You can experiment with blocking off some or all of the top fingers by removing the sleeve, pulling out the insetr and wrapping it in foil, then reinserting it back into the sleeve and reinstalling it back into the oven. Or you can get some infrared panels to replace the present open finger panels. There are a number of options for you to work with here. You can even call the oven manufacturer to get their recommendations. Keep in mind that if you just really need to put a little heat into the bottom, and get just enough heat to the top of the pizza to color the cheese an infrared oven might be just the ticket for you. The Gemeni oven from Middleby Marshall is what I have in an IR oven and it works very well where you want to have a lot of control over the baked color without fear of burning or charring anything in the process.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor