I am trying to overcome bubbling or blistering in our finished pizza crust. We are scaling & rounding our dough, oiling and placing into 9" bubble proofing pans, proofing for approx 2 hours & then placing into walk in (33-35 degrees) overnight. From there, we transport to a reach in adjacent to our dough slap table. When an order comes in, we remove one dough ball from a pan, dredge in flour & run through (2x) a sheeter. We dock the dough and then a final hand stretch on the table before placing on a screen saucing, cheesing & so on and so forth. I am not “cutting in an edge” by hand, which I used to do when I had a deck oven shop. Rather, I just lay the stretched skin on the screen. I happy with the overall rise of the pie. However, the perimter of the pizzas to about 2" in toward the center has significant bubbling or blistering. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance. Very much appreciate all the help you provide this forum.