Dear Tom:

I have the utmost of respect for your knowledge of the Pizza Industry. I was wondering if you could help me out concerning pizza sauce.
I own a small independent pizzeria located in the suburbs of NYC, Westchester County to be exact. I think that we have perfected our dough and I am very happy with our choice of cheese, however, I am not happy with our pizza sauce.
We have tried just about every combination of sauces, and I cannot seem to find a happy medium. If you could suggest some of your favorite pizza sauces, I would be indebted to you.
Sincerely, Ajmedico@yahoo.com Thanks.

I talked to an old Russian about how he got the flavor in his tea. What does that have to do with pizza sauce you may ask?

I had all of the same teas I saw on his shelf but mine never tasted as good. When he told me how he got the flavor I was amazed. You see each tea had its own flavor but when blended together the flavors enhanced each other to make the most amazing tea.

Try using a blend of different sauces until you find that flavor you are looking for.

I personally use a blend of Stanislaus products (1 part 7/11 to 2 parts Full Red) with my own added spices.

One of my friends in a nearby town uses 1 Sysco pizza sauce 1 GFS tomato paste and 1 Heinz crushed tomatoes.