Hi Tom,

In your whole wheat dough recipe you call for “Compressed yeast 1.75%” what if i use instant yeast?

thank you,


If you wish to use IDY not a problem, just use 1/3 as much. So in this case you would use 0.58% IDY.
Remember: Using a calculator, enter your flour weight, then press “X” and 0.58 and then press the “%” key. and read the answer in the display window. The answer will be in the same units as the flour weight was shown in. So if you entered 40-pounds the answer will be 0.232-pounds or id you changed that 40-pounds to ounces and entered it as 640-ounces the answer would be 3.712-ounces (you would be safe calling it 3.75-ounces).
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor