Hi Tom,

I have been having a problem with my dough sticking to the pizza disks. The disks are about 6 years old and were working fine. Then about 6 months ago the pizzas started sticking to them. I have tried everything I know to fix the problem, even re-seasoned them. They are still sticking. I am using the same flour, yeast, salt and sugar, the only thing I changed was switching from vegetable oil to olive oil. I even tried going back to vegetable oil to see if that would fix the problem but it didn’t. Any HELP would be APPRICIATED.



It sounds like you have the spun aluminum disks (silver in color) that must be seasoned with oil before use. Are the baking disks solid or do they have holes (perforations) in the bottom? If they have holes in the bottom there is a possibility that the dough might be flowing into the holes and gripping/locking onto the pans that way. If this is the case you will need to reduct the douigh absorption slightly to give a firmer dough that will better resist flowing into the holes. If the disks have been soaked in hot water (not a good thing to do) and the seasoning is either soft or beginning to peel off your only recourse is to get some Carbon-Off and strip all of the old seasoning off of the disks and reseason them. You might try one or two first to see if this solves the problem. If it does, you then know what you need to do. Normally when the dough begins to stick to this type of pan or baking disk for no apparent reason we find that the seasoning is at fault in some way, so you might want to try stripping all of the seasoning form a couple disks and reseason them a few times brfore testing them. If, by chance, your disks have a black, anodized finish, you don’t need to season these disks, just a very light wipe from an oiled towel is all that is necessary. With this type of disw we typically wipe the disks off to remove any clinging debris before each use. The towel that we use to wipe the disks off with has been dipped in oil and has been lightly oiled so the disks are lightly oiled through the cleaning action.
Let me know if you continue to have a problem.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

You hit it right on the head. The dough is alot softer then it use to be, and is in fact falling into the holes in the screen. I need to make the dough firmer. What can I do to make the dough firmer.
I also talked to the city and the water is coming from a different plant as of about 7 months ago and that is aproximately the same time my problem started.
So how do i make the dough firmer???

Thanks for your help

Sounds like the new city water is softer than before. Try reducing your water 2-3 % or so and see if you get a more useable firmer dough. I had a similar problem and the water percentage was the key… - Bob

Thanks Bob
I will give it a try today and let you know in a couple of days how it worked out.