DR. Tom

i used to work in pizza inn along time ago and i had worked at mazzios also
i am getting started up soon i would like to do my dough the same way make in the morning put in in a clean trash can and let rise then cut, roll thru dough roller and then form up in pans.

i know you are an advocate of the balling method but i am limited on refrigeration space and man power

can i acomplish this and have a tasty pizza



You bet you can do it. The industry ran that way for a good many years.
You will need to use a very strong type of flour (General Mills All Trumps or Remarkable) or some other comparable flour. Adjust the yeast level to 0.75% compressed yeast of 0.4% instant dry yeast (IDY). Set the salt at 2% and the olive oil at 2%, then the water at 56 to 58% and you’re ready to go. Use water at about 65F. to give you a finished dough termperature of 75 to 80F. Immediately after mixing transfer the dough into a suitably sized container and lightly cover it to prevent drying. The dough will be ready to use after about 6 hours. The dough should be discarded after each day and a fresh one started for the new day. When using the dough, just cut off a piece and sheet it out to a thin crust and trim it to diameter, saving any trim scrap in a bucket for later use if you should start running out of dough towards the end of the day. Needless to say, a deck oven is the oven of choice when making your pizzas from this type of dough.
I hope everything works wel for you. Good Luck,
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor