Tom, I have a hobart 80 quart mixer. When I mix, after about 5 minutes the dough climbs up the hook and doesn’t spin around the bowl anymore thus leaving the dough nice and rough to work with. I then have to peel it off of the hook. Is this normal? Should I lower the bowl half way through the mix? So confused.

a lot of times when you put too much water that happens… adjust the water while the dough is mixing and let the dough mix the proper amount of time…

What is the proper amount of time? Isn’t the less water you use, the thicker the dough also? Thank You

have you changed the brand of flour?

If it is still rough, you may need to add more H20, as well as needing to mix it longer - what temp is the H20? Sounds like it is cold & thats fine, so I’d add more H20 - 26-32#/50# bag, depending on the brand

after 6-8 minutes or so, the dough should go into “clean-up” phase and will hug the hook and take all the dough off the side of the bowl, but if its still rough, mix it longer (I mix mine 11 minutes/cold H20)

when you start putting all the ingridients together… if your formula requires let’s say 3 gallons of water… put 2.5 first and the rest pour it as you go… we mix our dough for 15min… like patriot’s pizza said check the temp of the water… hopefully this helps, good luck

You didn’t say what type of dough hook you have. If you have a reverse spiral dough hook (looks all twisted at the bottom 1/3) you either don’t have a large enough dough for the bowl size (you should have at least 20 pounds of flour, or the agitator is running in the wrong direction. The angle on the bottom of the hook should be pushing the dough DOWN towards the bottom of the bowl, this means that the hook will be turning in a counter clockwise direction. If it isn’t you will need to reverse a couple wires on the plug. If the hook is of the very old “J-arm” design, you will need to periodically stop the mixer and cut the dough from the hook. A better solution is to invers in a new, reverse spiral dough hook. You should be able to pick one up for about $100.00.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Here’s one for sale. NOTE: I’m just pointing this out so you can see what it looks like. I’m not affiliated with the auction, nor do I endorse the product brand or price.

http://cgi.ebay.com/80-qt-ED-Dough-Hook … dZViewItem

Thanks snowman. Mine has an extra arm and I think the dough keeps getting tangled up in it.

When making dough, generally, the less water you add/use, the stiffer, more difficult to mix, the dough will become. For the most part, hand formed pizza dough is made with 56 to 58% water based on the weight of the flour. Pressed dough will typically cover the range of 56 to 60%, and sheeted dough will be about the same as hand tossed or maybe just a little less. Water is used to adjust the handling properties of the dough. The more water used in making the dough, the easier it is to work with.
Also, be aware that really stiff doughs are much harder on your mixer than doughs made with more water, and those lower absorption, stiff doughs may not mix at the same speed as a higher absorption dough of the same size. It may require mixing only on the lowest speed for a longer period of time.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor