Thank you mr Lehmann for this opportunity to ask you a question. My name is brian 33 2daughters i left amtrak after 11 years and bought a pizzeria with no experience haaaaaaaaaaaaa my current oven is not big enough what is a good oven for me to purchase so i can put out alot of pies and still taste great also any info u can give me or ideas would greatly be appreciated and congratulations on your wonderful accomplishments in this industry thank you sincereley brian edwards

Before I can answer your question I need to know more about your store and pizzas. Do you sel whole pizzas or slices? What are the sizes/diameters? How many of each do you need to make on your busiest day? Are your pizzas thin crust, thick crust or both? Do you make any deep-dish style pizzas? Do you make a pizza with average amounts of toppings or do you make pizzas with a generous amount of vegetable toppings? What kind of oven do you presently have? Do you bake your pizzas on a screen or pan? What best describes the style of pizza that you make?
If you wish, please feel free to give me a cal lto discuss at 800-633-5137 (ext. 165).
Tom Lehmann/the Dough Doctor