Hi Tom, It’s been quite a while since I mailed (I must be doing things OK)!

I did find a problem sometimes arises with my dough: for some reason a batch will not bake well:

The dough doesn’t rise much and it comes out the oven literally looking like a Girafe’s skin.

Do you know what could cause that and what to be carefull of doing when we mix our dough batches?

Thanks so much,


What kind of yeast are you using? what is your recipe and proceedures?

If you are saying that your finished crust bakes up with a blotchy appearance, you might want to look for drying of the dough, crusted dough will not color very well diring baking. Be sure to wipe your dough balls with oil after putting them in the box to help prevent this.
The use of excessive amounts of mineral oil, like when using a divider and or rounder can also create the same type of appearance. If none of this looks familiar, you will need to give me more imnformation to go on.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor