Dear Sir,
I hope you will be in prime health.

My name is Kashif & I belong to Pakistan. I want to open a small pizza outlet with take away & free home delivery options.

Due to low finances I am opening this outlet in Pakistan on my own place & not in a market. This is a commercial location near to my house but away from area’s main markets. Due to this there is not enough public gathering near to it.

Also, I have to cope with following challenges;

  1. I have no practical working experience of this kind of business.
  2. My brand name is completely unknown to the customers.
  3. My competition will be with very popular brand names such as Pizza Hut & some other popular local brands.
  4. In long run my limited customers will remain the same.
  5. As already mentioned above, my place is at a distance of 1~2 km far from my area’s commercial places.
  6. Currently I have no closed sitting arrangement for customers.
  7. There will be some other problems which i dont know right now.

But, I feel that this is the right time to capture the market of this area because of following reasons;

  1. I have plently of wide open green space for customers to sit and also to park their vehicles.
  2. There is no specialized pizza shop in this area. There are some bakeries who are selling pre-baked pizza.
  3. To eat a fresh hot pizza people have to visit city market (Main Bazar or you can call it super market which is approx. at a distance of 8~10 kms from my area).
  4. As we all know; people like change so I think change in taste will attract customers.
  5. Ordering a pizza for home delivery normally take more than one hour to reach to the customer. As you know it effects freshness and hotness of the product.
  6. Also my place is on the road parallel to main road of housing society.

In these conditions please suggest me what should i do? Should i open my outlet here.

Please let me know in case you think that above mentioned information is not enough to make a appropriate decision. I can send you google arial view of my location if you want.

I know it will going to be a tough task to run this business but i wanna do it. All i need your support, help, encouragement, experience, suggestions.

I would be very thankful to you.


There is a week long seminar on pizza that Mr. Lehmann is part of in the USA, in October. I highly reccommend it to anyone in the pizza business, especially at the stage you are now.

hope this may help,

here is a link to that seminar

[https://secure.aibonline.org/php/ecomm- ... 66BDC26676](https://secure.aibonline.org/php/ecomm-catalog.php?catalogNbr=377&&instanceID=CE4CE61EAA234F46AC020166BDC26676)