Tom, we need your equipment advice. We are opening up a pizza shop in the near future. We are baking our pizza (0ne size 12") in a lipped pan by spraying the pan with vegaline, pouring olive oil (about 1/2 cup) into the pan and coating the dough (both sides) with the oil. We then spread the dough to form the pan, top with 6oz of sauce and 5 oz of cheese. We want to fry the dough and create a crisp bottom. We have tested it with many variations of temp, time, fan speed in A JET-AIR DOYON oven on racks. We need to find an electric oven that will cook our pizza to the desired cripyness and with a light browning of the cheese. We our using a 12 0z frozen pizza ball. The many pizzas that we tested came out with a soft bottom. We need the bottom to be crispy. To a point where it stands up frim after you pick a piece up. Any thoughts on a oven. The frying of the dough has been successful in a home convection oven where the elements our on the top/bottom of the oven. It is a great product. Thanks for your help, Bob

1/2 cup of oil is a LOT for a 12" pizza.

I have to question oiling both sides of the dough. I would suggest you shape the dough most of the way on a bench, then put it into the pan on top of the oil. Is the pan you’re using bright or dark? Dark will absorb the heat better and you need that heat to do the frying. You need the entire bottom of the pan to get to at least 350 degrees to do any decent frying. It has to get to 350 and then have time to do the frying. To accomplish this, forced air or a stone would be required (in my experience). An oven rack won’t cut it because the convection is a very light movement of air, and from the back of the oven, not the bottom.

Preheat one of those pizza stones you can buy in most mass merchandizers, heat it for 30 mins in the oven before placing your pan on it and see if your results don’t improve.

The reason for the 1/2 cup being a bit much, you want the dough to absorb most of the oil as part of the frying, but don’t want it to be a big ball of grease.

"We need to find an electric oven that will cook our pizza to the desired cripyness and with a light browning of the cheese. "

maybe Tom will be by soon with some good advice,
in the meantime, check out Q-Matic, infared technology, conveyor, many baking settings, I have one, mine ids propane, use 14 ga anodized preforated disk, works well for me.
hope this helps,

Have you looked at an air impingement oven (electric)? Lincoln has some that should work quite well. With these ovens you can regulate top and bottom baking properties through manipulation of the finger configuration. You might also look at an infrared oven such as a Gemeni-55 (Middleby-Marshall). Again, you can regulate top and bottom heat to give you exactly what you want for a finished bake. With the infrared oven you don’t need to mess with fingers, you just set the top and bottom emitter temperatures and the baking time; dark colored pans are essential as light colored pans will reflect the heat.
I hope this helps,
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

What is the Gemeni-55 Middleby-Marshall infared oven ?..old CTX ?
I could not find it on the Middleby-Marshall site.

Yes, it is a carry over from the old CTX line of ovens. It is available through their Toastmaster Division.
Tom Lehmann/TDD

Which oven are you using? I am in the market for a Doyon PIZ6. I am thinking you may be using either a PIZ3 or PIZ6 because I think the others are conveyor ovens like everyone else has mentioned. If you are using one of the PIZ ovens, how do you like it?

the CTX is an infrared conveyor that cooks more like a deck oven vrs a MM360…more programmable as well…my personal favorite, if ya have the juice to run it…

We tested in the PIZ3. Quality oven, just did not work for our procedure.

Tom, what do you think about the MiddlebyMarshall PS electric conveyor ovens. In particular the PS536ES. Thanks for your help. Bob

I used one for a short time and didn’t have any qualms with it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor