Can an artisan pizza dough recipe be adjusted for use in a pizzeria where large quanties of dough is need. Presently, this dough recipe makes only 3- 12" pies. =)

Yes. Multiply.

Multiply, yes, but I have seen examples (in a Pendleton flour brochure, for example) where the quantities of ingredients did not increase proportionately as the amount of flour/dough increased. Maybe Tom can expound on this point.

Yes it can. If the dough is given as a formula, in weight measures, all that is needed is to change the weights into baker’s % and then calculate the new dough size. If it is given as a recipe, in volumetric measures (cups, teaspoons, etc.) we recommend that the recipe be portioned out three times and the weight of each ingredient portion measured. Take the average of the three weights as the weight measure. Confirm the recipe by making the dough. If all turns out OK, then you are ready to divide the weight of each ingredient by the weight of the flour and multiply by 100. You now have the “formula” given in baker’s %. Decide how much flour you want to use and write the amount down, then, using your calculator, enter the flour weight followed by pressing the “X” then enter the ingredient percentage you want the weight for and press the “%” key. Read the answer in the display window. Remember, the answer (ingredient weight) wiol be in the same weight units that the flour weight was expressed in (pounds, ounces, grams, kilograms, tons, etc.). Do this for each ingredient and you wil have the formula correctly given for the amount of flour you have elected to use.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor