I use a premixed dough mix. All I do is add water and mix. The dough mix has a fast acting yeast in it so I am able to use it within 30 mins. I use a dough roller to roll out the dough and cutter pans.
I want to offer a stuffed crust rim in my pizzeria.
What would be your advise to make the stuffed crust? I have tried using shredded Mozz, but am think of trying string cheese.
Can I make these adhead of the rush and freeze in my walk in freezer?

Can I make them and hold them in my walk in cooler?

Ron Grate
Fossil Station Pizzeria
Russell, KS 67665

You could use your regular Mozzarella, but it is going to be a much slower and more tedious process, so I’d agree that you would be way ahead of the game to use a string Mozzarella cheese to use in filling the crust. Once you have the cheese in the crust, and the edge rolled down and crimped, put the dough into the cooler on a wire tree rack for storage until you need it. If you are using a deck oven, I’d recommend baking the pizza on a screen (place your pan, with the dressed and cheese filled dough on an aluminum baking screen) and bake about half of the required time, then finish baking right on the deck. If you are using an air impingement oven, I’d suggest placing the pan on some type of warm surface, such as a heated shelf or warming tray to knock the chill off of the dough, then bake as you would your regular pizza. Keep in mind that you might need to adjust the baking time of this pizza to get the cheese in the crust up to temperature. If you have a split conveyor, you can do away with the need to warm the dough slightly before baking, just put the pizza onto a conveyor that has been set at a slower speed (probably about 2 to 3 minutes slower than your regular pizzas), the other side of the conveyor would be used for baking your regular pizzas. You will need to experiment a little to find what baking time works best for your dough, at your temperature. I do not recommend freezing the dough.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

If you already have block cheese, you could use a cutter to cut long rectangular strips . . . I’m thinking of a cutting plate like used for french fry cutting tools. You know, those lever action ones that shove a potato through a grid of squares. Sure, it’s another piece of equipment . . . but it would use one less product to stock.