Hey Tom,

About 2 weeks ago you gave me a recipe for a wheat dough that uses a soaker. As I was getting my ingredients together for the recipe I noticed there were no mention of yeast or salt and no amount for oil. Please let me know what the other amounts are if any.

just to refresh your memory on which recipe you gave me: soaker=70% of weight of whole wheat flour, then for additional water 65% of the of the total flour minus amount used for soaker. Also can add honey at 5% or sugar to 7%.

Thank you,
Adam Carb

Honey is a good way to sweeten a wheat/whole wheat dough. Use a dark colored honey for the best flavor. I would say that 5% would be the lowest acceptable level, with 8% being better. As for yeast, go with 1% IDY, then go with 1.75% salt, and for really great flavor try adding 3 to 5% butter of a butter flavored oil.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor