Hi Tom,

Angelo Testa here at Incredible Crust from New Jersey. It’s been a while since we last spoke and I hope all is well. Two quick things; What is your consulting fee? My company’s flavored dough’s need some work in the texture department. They are kind of on the flat and dense side.

Also, which company would you recommend for creating 10" frozen pie shells for promotional samples?

Once again, thanks for your expertise and valuable knowledge.

Many thanks,

Angelo Testa
Incredible Crust
124 Avondale Ave.
Clifton, NJ 07013

He is on vacation until later next week, so you might not hear from him until then.

Hi Angelo;
My fees are as follows:
$975.00 for each day of travel, $1,330.00 for each day on site consulting, plus direct expenses for meals. lodging and transportation. If you wish to call me at 800-633-5137 (ext. 165) I will be glad to give you a cost estimate.
As for a crust manufacturer, you might try one of the following:
Tomanetti’s (Oakmont, PA) 800-875-3040
K.B. Pizza (Franklin, PA) 814-432-2464
Little Lady Foods (Elk Grove Village, IL) <www.littleladyfoods.com>
Teeny Foods (Portland, OR) 503-252-3006
D’Lisi Foods (no longer their name) (Rochester, NY) 877-769-8700

Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor