I practiced the calculations for percentages on dough in the faq section and have a question or two on that.

We have been making dough for 20 years at home and our yeast percentage comes out to 1.9%. It takes about an hour to rise and it doesnt even double in size. We just decided to open our first pizzeria last May and have been testing our dough with our ovens and such. Last night was our first night making it in our 60 quart hobart, and the dough blew up like crazy! Its not even workable, and the crust doesnt taste or feel like it did when we made it in our little kitchen aid.

We were shooting for our soft (first) opening next week and need to get this figured out asap.

Can you provide your thoughts on this? It would be sooo much appreciated!

Two things come to mind. 1) The finished dough temperature should be in the 80 to 85F range, which means that in all probability you will need to use water that is about 65F when making your dough. 2) You don’t indicate what type of yeast that you are using, but regardless of the type, 1.9% of the flour weight is too much. With fresh, compressed yeast the optimum amount is 1%, for instant dry yeast the amount is 0.375%, and for active dry yeast, the amount is 0.5% (remember that ADY must be pre-hydrated in a small amount of water at 100 to 105F before it can be added to the dough). Also, immediately after mixing, scale the dough into desired weight pieces, then form into balls and place into plastic dough boxes, then wipe the tops of the dough balls with salad oil and cross stack in the cooler for about 2-hours, then down stack and nest the dough boxes. The dough will be ready to use on the following day, or after about 15-hours in the cooler. To use the dough, remove about a two to three hour supply of dough from the cooler, leave the dough in the covered boxes and allow to temper AT room temperature for 60 to 90-minutes, then begin openingthe dough balls into dough skins as needed. The dough wil lkeep at room temperature for a good three hours after you begin using it. If oyu should have any questions. please give me a call at 800-633-5137 (ext. 165) and I’ll be glad to help you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor