Hi there,
In Australia all the major chains use stackable deep dish pans (or deep pans with lids so you can stack)
I think they make the dough and then roll into these pans, stack them, and put into the chiller for next day use…After the dinner time rush the next night the process is done again, so you never have to prepare bases for that days trade. (Very cost effective and fast idea)

I can not find any dough procedure references anywhere???
Do your Know this system and how It works???
Do you need a special recipe for this system???
Step by step dough procedure would be great…
(I think its similar to the dough ball system but I dont know the effect of rolling the dough straight onto the pans then stacking and chilling???
Do you think this is a good system???


Here is a procedure that I’ve succesfully used, and it provides a great flavored crust too.
Flour 100%
Salt 1.75%
Sugar 2%
Oil or Shortening 3%
Yeast (Instant Dry Yeast) 0.5%
Water: 55% (65F/18.3C)

Put the water in the mixing bowl, add the salt and sugar, then the flour and mix 2-minutes at low speed, add the oil/shortening and mix for 0ne more minute in low speed, then mix as you would your regular pizza dough. Target finished dough temperature is 75 to 80F/23,8 to 26.6C.
Take dough directly to the bance for scaling and balling.
Immediately place dough balls into plastic dough boxes, wipe with salad oil and cross stack in the cooler for 2-hours, then down stack and nest the dough boxes. Allow the dough boxes to remain in the cooler for 18 to 24-hours before using the dough.
Remove dough boxes from the cooler and allow to temper AT room temperature for 1.5 to 2-hours before rolling/sheeting to fit the pan.
Prepare the pans by greasing or oiling as desired.
Sheet/roll the dough balls so they are just slightly larger in diameter than the pans, and place a formed dough piece into each pan.
Cover the pans of dough and allow to proof/rise at room temperature until the dough reaches half of the desired PROOF height (normally about 30-minutes) then take the pans of doug to the cooler, keeping them covered, and inventore for use on the following day.
To use the proofed dough, place the pans of cold dough on a heated shelf (140 to 160F/60 to71C) for about 5-minutes to knock the chill off, then dress as needed and bake.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Remember to add the yeast.

Thanks for catching that.
Neil: Be sure to add the IDY along with the flour. Just drop it on top of the flour and begin mixing the dough as instructed.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor