Lending customers pizza bags

We have large events that request to keep the bags. We’ve always obliged but in the past few years the bags are coming back wet, foot prints , or just not being returned. Its typically schools and churches that we heavily discount to begin with. We’ve asked for refundable deposits in the past but as you can imagine people get pissed. Any thoughts or ideas you guys have that have kept your bags coming back in a timely and respected manor?

You might call 1-877-578-4292They have some inexpensive insulated bags
You might use to lend people.
George mills

We’ve lended bags to some of our regular customers many times with no problems. For new customers or customers we’re not too familiar with, we ask for a $40 cash deposit. We simply set it aside and when they bring the bag back we hand them an envelope with their cash in it. Never had a single person get pissed, most are actually very thankful we would lend them a bag at all. Also, the bags only cost around $50 so if they were to not return it, I would just use their deposit to buy a new one.

When I get new bags I set the old ones aside to use as loaners. Customers are pretty good about getting them back in good shape.