Leprino Cheese???

Anyone hear using or have used Leprino Cheese? I have asked about Grande and Saputo and cannot get a definite answer about availability. My vendors say that they cannot get either of them. At first I thought they were just wanting me to buy their stuff. But now I have spoken to a Grande rep, Marc LaTorre, and he can’t give me an answer on who my distributor would be. I currently have two vendors. One is pushing Burnette which is good…I have used it. The other is pushing Leprino and is supposed to send me some samples. I was just wandering if anyone has had any experience with the brand? I would use the Grande if I could find where to get it and the price was not too obscene.

i have used leprino good product,grande is better though and i do not like saputo

How much better is Grande? Is it worth a dollar a pound more?

Leprino is what Papa Johns used when I managed there in the late 90s. I believe its still the same. I drove part-time at one this summer for extra cash but never paid attention.

Leprino makes a slew of different cheeses, so the key is finding one that cooks well with your product and your ovens and your concept. I believe that the Leprino is the largest manufacturer of mozzerella in the world, so I’m sure they’ll have something that would work. The question is will your distributor have something that will work.
I personally would stay away from any of the Leprino QLC cheeses that come in frozen. Ever get a Dominos pizza that you can separate each and every piece of cheese? That’s QLC. It never seems to melt together very well. I use Saputo now and am satisfied with it, but not thrilled. I wouldn’t switch to Grande for the same price I’m paying for Saputo. It’s a great dine in cheese, but oils out too much for my liking to use on delivery.

The frozen was what Papas used also. If you got a works or extra cheese you could see individual diced pieces all the time.

leprino is indeed the largest manufacturer…not a fan of QLC cheese either…who is your supplier?
I suggest Leprino whole milk product -excellent cheese
do you use block or shred or dice
what kind of oven

I am getting samples of it from Brown’s. It is the frozen stuff. I haven’t given it a try yet. He tells me the secret is make sure that it is completely thawed before using. I am getting diced cheese. My oven is a Doyon PIZ6.

There is a procedure to follow as far as thawing it. Do not use it if even slightly frozen. Even thawed, you’ll still find that each piec melts individually, and doesnt flow together. Try to sample some fresh cheese at the same time you sample the QLC.

Leprino makes very good cheese- designed to work best in conveyor ovens- sometimes a gas flushed is better with deck ovens- I have used Leprino happily for 16 years and I use 12,000 + lbs per week (multiple stores)